Anne Pattillo

“I like the thought that when I’m in my dotage, I’ll be able to tell a story, or two, about how I helped someone solve a problem or created something with real purpose.

“My hope is that together we can tilt the world on its axis just a little bit, to a better place.

“I’ve always loved art. Art takes you to a reflective place, it delivers a wondering experience, nudges a different view. And that’s my job as a consultant too.”

Anne is the founder and director of Pattillo. With over 30 years’ experience in facilitation and consulting, she’s a strategic thinker, an international leader in stakeholder engagement and a generous sponsor of artists.

Anne has become best known for her transformational work with leadership teams. There’s nothing she loves more than working with leaders to reignite their energy, realign to purpose and galvanise them into action.

“I work best when I’m given a gnarly problem and then work with my clients to nut out a way forward. I love that.”

Anne’s restless desire to solve problems sees her work with leaders in government, corporate and NGOs sectors across Australia and New Zealand.

Anne is also recognised for her work as a leader in community engagement and the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), including taking a central role in the design of the current IAP2 engagement frameworks and training.

We love art, but our commitment has been not to build a large art collection. It has been to work with the Sarjeant Gallery and the arts community of Whanganui to support the artist behind the art.

A purpose-driven leader in her own right, Anne’s determination is to align organisations and their leaders to their higher purpose.

Maree Maddock

Maree is Pattillo’s Possibility Leader, a title that reflects her ability to turn conversations from concept to reality.

Formerly a regional manager in the community mental health sector, Maree joined Pattillo after being impressed with the work of Pattillo in facilitating a large hui on a marae that brought together service users , family members , support workers, managers and board members from across the organisation

I saw Anne bring them together and reach important decisions that further extended the services offered by the organisation to better meet the needs of service users

This gathering and the role of accomplished facilitation showed me just how good it could be and with further training in the art of facilitation became an important additional skill within my manager role.

Maree’s role in Pattillo calls on all of her skills and experience. In any given day Maree will be busy managing the business core of Pattillo, engaging with clients and working with Anne on major projects. Facilitation, research and real time evaluation are some of the skills Maree enjoys using to advance client needs.

As Pattillo’s business manager and co-director, Maree feels excited to be part of the next phase of the business. “I’m a director but I still see possibilities, so I think I’ll stick with the title,” she says.