2022 Pattillo Whanganui Arts Review Gallery

2022 Pattillo Whanganui Arts Review Open Award winner

Chris Connolly, Past Possessive, Future Possessive (I) (Umpire Chair In Six Parts) mixed media.  POA

Article & Vernon Money Poppins Excellence Award

Tia Ranginui, Murimuri Aroha. photograph.

 Dalgleish Architects Excellence Award

Isabella Loudon, Barbed.171 rubber tube valves and bolt. 

Whanganui Youth Council’s Youth Recognition Award

Shanai Atkinson, Metapsychosis. Hahnemühle Photo Rag Smooth. $300

The Whanganui River Markets Merit Award

Lesa Hepburn, Whā tuatinitini – one leaf, many strands. muka and stone. $540 

Renata’s Art & Framing Merit Award

Debbie Hahn, Below the Surface. archival inkjet photograph on Hahnemühle Cotton Rag. $450

Barnicoat & Co Merit Award 

Sarah Bradfield, Forfeit. pūkeko, muka and gum nut. 

Edith Collier Trust Merit Award

Jillian Karl, DNA Files – walking to the awa. gesso, pigment and wax on
marine ply. $10,000

Recaffeinate Merit Award

Julz Coffey, Lost for Words. mixed media. $500

River City Picture Framers Merit Award

Lynn Hurst, Gambling Paradise IV. giclee print, aluminium mount with UV laminate. $3,850

Friends of the Sarjeant Gallery Merit Award

Ellen Jackson, Matrescence. mixed media. $950

Whanganui Garden Services Merit Award

Brit Bunkley, The Moss Pig and the Palindrome. P/A plastic, epoxy, paint and
wood. $3,800

Pauline Allomes, Kahakaha epiphytes. 9ct gold, sterling silver, copper, brass, aluminium.  $3200

Brigham Anderson (Thinkbrig), Wehenga o te tau.  Acrylic paint on canvas. 

Fran Anderton, But Why?  Cast glass/wooden base with sliders.  $4,800

Leigh Anderton-Hall, A Tempest confronts Disgust.  Ceramic.  $1,875

John Archbold, River and Cliffs.  Oil on stretched canvas.  $1,800

Michelle Aston-Koedyk, Storm Passing.  Acrylic and oil on board.  $1,400

Graham Baskville-Robinson, Three Rocks.  Stoneware clay with woodash glaze fired in a Japanese style woodfired anagama kiln for five days to 1300˚C.  $750

Claire Bell, Cameo Appearance.  23.5 Carat Gold Verre Eglomise Drawing on float glass, mounted on birch plywood.  $3,500

Margot Bennetts, Ko au te awa.  Muka from harakeke, peacock feathers, natural dyes.

Kay Benseman, Reforestation.  Digital photograph on satin paper.  $315

Joanne Bierman, Whanganui.  Acrylic.  $280

André Brönnimann, Christie.  Oil + Acrylic on linen.  $33,000

Emma Camden, Untitled.  Cast Glass.  $11,500

​Thomas Carroll, Kauri Putorino.  Kauri.  $2,500

Murray Chant, Bactus.  Photography. 

Tess Charles, Between death and another life.  Hahnemuhle photo rag metallic 340gsm. 

Katherine Claypole, Geophonic Perspective.  Cotton thread on canvas.  $2,800

Polly Cleverley, Free Fall.  Oil on canvas.  $950

Kelly Collins, Feeling saucy.  Digital illustration.  $350

Sue Cooke, Kamahi Forest V.  Monoprint on canvas.  $3,900

Kaye Coombs, flore pleno.  Painting – acrylic on perspex. 

Ben Davis, Heel & Crown.  Stoneware clay, wax and wood. 

Scott Anthony de Lautour, Just Fish.  Acrylics, oil pastel gold leaf.  $4,000

Hain Dickie, The White House.  Oil on canvas on board. $1900

Kieran Donnelly, Garden of Armon Ra.  Acrylic on board.  $4,500

Andrea du Chatenier, Brooder.  Ceramic.  $3,200

Finlay Durning, Carman gold.  Graphic art. 

Matt Dutton, View from Reynolds Road.  Acrylic on canvas.  $1,650

Vanessa Edwards, One Use.  Mixed media.  $1,200

Maia Mahinaarangi Falkner, Mahinaarangi.  Mixed media. 

Rosalind Fitz Patrick, Push the boundaries – glass frieze.  Mixed media.  $4,000

Amy Fitzgerald, Foxton.  Watercolour and ink.  $300

Patricia Joy Flutey, Trish’s Journal of Stichery.  Mixed media.  

Christine Mary Fowler, Warming Up.  Oil on canvas.  $600

Grace Hana Anne Friend, Kowhaiwhai, Kiekie.  River water, rain water, clay, clay from the River. Brick from the road at Moutoa Quay – mixed media.

Rose Mataria Friend, Peke Mou Tuna.  Mixed media (harakeke and karewao).  

Trevor Fry, After Rodney Kennedy’s Crucifixion.  Stoneware.  $1,750

Jessica Galias, The Devoured Time.  Original digital print on hahnemule archival fine arts paper.  $350

Andrea Gardner, On a Good Day.  Archival photograph on Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag.  $900

Rachael Garland, Hold Me Down, Child.  Mixed media on board.  $3,250

Merrilyn George, Turongo – the central rail.  Mixed media.  $6,500

Colette Goldsbury, Memories.  Acrylic.  $250

Patrick Gregg, Muse (Triptych).  Acrylic on canvas.  $1,200

Michael Haggie, Pūriri Moth (Cocoon and Rebirth) 2022.  Liquidex Acrylic on Fabriano Paper.  $1,500

Graham Hall, “The 9th Station of the Cross…Jesus falls for the 3rd time.  Woodcut.  

Hineraumoa Hiroti, The Lonely Ghost.  Acrylic.  $200

Manaaki Hone Te Koha o Ngākou Hogg, Rongomai. Uku (clay). 

Hamish Horsley, Earths Lament.  Gouache, pencil on paper.  $3,500

Keith Hughes, Turned Lantern.  London Plane and Purpleheart wood.  $5,500

Jutta Humpfer, Fabscape 22.  Recycled pantihose and other semi-transparent fabrics.  $450

Cejevah Mae Tumaia Hurinui, Bubblez Old Koro.  Painting. 

Prue Hyland.  Acanthus Leaves (after William Morris).  Pastel/Indian Ink.  $850

Jennifer Kenny.  Legacy.  Acrylic.  $2,400

Nat Kirk, Life Span.  Multimedia (ink pens and white pencil). 

James Kirkwood, Lookout.  Oil on canvas (2x panels).  $4,500

Talula Lamont, Ocean.  Mixed Media.  $500

Heather Leeves, Plans.  Acrylic on canvas.  

Sam Leston, Tabled Rock.  Acrylic on canvas.  $700

Rowan Love, Smoko.  Acrylic on Board.  $800

Debbie Anne Lucas, ki te Maunga Ruapehu (towards Mount Ruapehu).  Watercolour on cotton paper.  $150

Catherine Macdonald, What Grew From The Dirt.  Pencil + watercolour on painted board (varnished).  $3,000

Mike Marsh, The Hitchhiker.  Acrylic.  $950

Cassidy May Martell, Orange River.  Acrylic paint on board.  $300

Samantha Matthews,  Number 10′ Durie Hill, Whanganui (2022).  Archival pigment print on hahnemuhle photorag. Edition no. 1of 5 (plus 1 x artist proof).  $1,500

Elaine Mayer, Rory.  Charcoal on paper.  $385

Alice Jeesu McDonald, Fountain of Desires.  Ink on paper.  $3,000

Jacqui McGowan, Te Kōtuku.  Photography. 

Fiona McGowan, Ostracon.  Clay.  $1,200

Max McGrail, Civilisation.  Oils. 

W-a. Molijn, Tempo Doeloe.  Watercolour, ink on cotton rag. 

Gaynor Bond Mulholland, 4th of July.  Oil on board. 

Kirk Nicholls, Sea monkey No2 from ‘South seas momento series’.  Mixed media. POA

Johanna Nyenhuis, Bruce.  Pencil on paper.  $850

The Hypothetical World, The Artwork.  Gouache.  $4,500

Leah Paikea, Perception.  Clay/ceramics. 

Prakash Patel, Night bush.  Acrylic on canvas.  $4,800

Lyndsay Patterson, Acclimatisation (set of 3 pieces).  Hot formed hand engraved glass.  $2,200

Sheila Pearson, Sir Bigly Bulgari – Smyth of Burbury Manor.  Acrylic paint on board.  $2,500

Sian Rafferty, Reflective Overtones.  Embroiderythread on hand marbled fabric. 

Paul Rayner, Self-portrait.  Glazed ceramic.  $650

Mark Rayner, QEII.  Ceramic.  $400

Briarlee Rees, Honour Your Thoughts.  Digital painting.  $95

Jamie Ross, Understanding Harakeke.  Rimu, macrocarpa, bluetooth speaker.  $7,000

Rick Rudd, Bowl.  Earthenware.  $950

Robin A. Rutherford, A moment in time.  Acrylic.

​Leonie Sharp, Alchemy Series #1.  Feather and Bone.  $5,000

Margaret Silverwood, Sunflower.  Coloured Pencil.  $1,680

Carmen Simmonds, Grow.  Cast glass and crocheted and stitched cotton.  $1,900

Desiree Singer, Hotwyr.  Intaglio / Drypoint 2/3 – Limited Edition Print.  $550

Catherine Sleyer, i-lluminating.  Archival inkjet photographic print.  $950

Karlya Smith, You Big Drip.  Acrylic paint on card.  $800

Andrew Warren Curtis Smith. Time Travel.  Oil.

Duncan Smith, Me beside myself balancing life mixed media – sculpture.  $5,350

Sally Jane Smith, River Dory.  Acrylic.  $450

Joelle Smith Esler, The world at the bottom of my tub.  Watercolours (and lineart pens).  $150

Frances Stachl (Ngāpuhi), A drawing about rain.  Oxidised sterling silver, 18 karat, linen.  $290 per unit

Levi Standen, I am enough: A self-portrait.  Graphite pencil on paper. 

Rani Ella Stigsdottir, kā muā, ka muri.  Brass, wooden cuisenaire rods, bamboo, hemp rope, glue, gold pigment.  $600

M.B. Stoneman, Flotsam.  Cyanotype, hahnemuhle paper.  $1,200

Theresa Te Ua Allpress, Requiem.  Oil on board.  $2,000

Fiona Thomas, Entwined. Acrylic.  $325

Angela Tier, with plastic arrows, we shot the Albatross.  Stoneware.  

Nicholas Toyne, Albarello (how well did I love?).  Stoneware, glaze, 24K Gold Lustre.  $810

Patsy Trail, Swirling Infinity, Graphite.  $350

David Traub, Eclipse.  Hot formed glass components, fused, slumped and cold worked.  $2,000

Tom Turner, Leaky Vessel.  Readymade.  $1,000

Bridget Tyson, Essential, “The Bee”.  Pen on paper.  $800

Ivan Vostinar, Finding Heart.  Glazed Stoneware.  $3,500

Steuart Welch, Bakhut.  Corten Steel.  $9,000

Nancy Welsh, Torn between two cultures.  Acrylic Paint.  $250

Kathryn Wightman, Assembled.  Mixed media – glass, polystyrene, carpet, ratchet strap.   $1,700

Siobhan Wooding, Hidden pathways, hard times.  Acrylic paint on canvas.  $750

Richard Wotton, Ned Tapa.  Archival inkjet pigment print.  $2,500

Freyja Wrigglesworth, Change in focus.  Mixed media.  $800

Campbell Wylie, Sculptural Form vii.  Lost Wax Cast recycled tv screen.  $2,100

Penni Wyse.  What is your elephant?  Automotive electrical wire. 

Vivian Yuan, Lost in Memories.  Oil.  $360