2021 Pattillo Whanganui Arts Review Gallery

2021 Pattillo Whanganui Arts Review Open Award winner

Andrea Gardner, Now I Have Your Attention. Inkjet print on Ilford Smooth Pearl. $1,350

Article & Vernon Money Poppins Excellence Award

Tia Ranginui, Taniwha – from the series Tua o Tāwauwau. Archival print on hahnemuhle photograph. $2,400

 Dalgleish Architects Excellence Award

Leigh Anderton Hall, Cloud Guardian. Ceramic.$860

WDC Youth Committee Youth Recognition Award

Zoe Bracegirdle, Living Dead. Photographic inkjet print. $280

Barnicoat & Healy Merit Award

Wendy Watson, On the Margins: Late Summer. Mixed media (found metal, silk, cyanotype). $480

Friends of the Sarjeant Gallery Merit Award

Emma Camden, untitled. Cast glass. NFS

River City Picture Framers Ltd Merit Award

Kaye Coombs, Senescence. Acrylic on Perspex. $1,500

Recaffeinate Merit Award

Aaron Scythe, Syncrony. Mixed media. Giclee print and ceramics. $5000

Renata’s Art & Framing Merit Award

Wendy-ann Molijn, Ara. Watercolour. NFS

Whanganui Garden Services Ltd Merit Award

Andre Bronnimann, Christie. Acrylic and oil on linen. By negotiation

The Whanganui River Markets Trust Merit Award

Gail Imhoff, Kōrero Ki Te Awa. Digital photograph on satin paper. $625 A1 print only

Edith Collier Trust Merit AwardEdith Collier Trust Merit Award

Keiran Donnelly, The Optimist. Acrylic on Board. $8,100

Elva May Abbott, Where to From Here? Oil on board. NFS

Pauline Allomes, Infinite Beauty.  Mixed media. $3,200

Ray Anderson, Social Distancing. Digital image. $130

Wigs Arathoon, Autumn Almanac. Mixed media. NFS

Awa, Weaved Cloak. Mixed media. NFS

Te Maari Barham, Ballance. Colour photograph with void. NFS

Sarah Barron, Ophidia. Digital art/photomanipulation. NFS

Heather Baskiville-Robinson, Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater. State of the Nation Series Screenprint on Fabriano paper. $550

Graham Baskiville-Robinson, Standing Out From the Crowd on This Fragile Earth – A Work in Clay. Ceramic. $1,800

Kay Dorothy Benseman, All the Machinery of Existence. Digital photograph printed on archival paper. NFS

Amy Blackburn, Blossoms. Acrylic and oil on canvas. $1,850

Bowen Boswell, Lizard King.  Clay Sculpture. $100

Natalie Bradburn, Brush Your Teeth. Mixed media. $59

Lysha Brennan, Portrait of a Huia Bird mother and child. Copper wire. $495

Jacqueline Broughton, Tūpuna. Mixed media. NFS

Laura Buchanan, In My Element. Mixed Media. $300

Brit Bunkley, Blood River. Video. $1500 per edition of 4

Amanda Burgess, Rabbit Dream. Oil paints and varnish. NFS

Andrew Cameron, Main Bearing. Mixed media. NFS

Chris Cantillon, Container City. Acrylic on paper. NFS

Jodi Clark, Untitled.  Acrylic on canvas. $600

Katherine Claypole, The Green Weave.  Stitched cotton thread on canvas.  $1,100

Lily Claypole,  My Lo. Photographic print on 310gsm Hahnemule German etching paper. $150

 Kelly Christine Collins, An Imaginary World? Digital illustration. $295

Robert Stuart Collins, Life of the Party. Digital collage. $500

Melissa Crawford, Identity ceramic.  Handpainted with acrylics. $500

Emma Cunningham, Sing a Song of Sixpence. Coins, burnt wood, ink, recycled pewter, silverware and glass. $1,700

Perry Glynn Davies, Whispering Sky. Acrylic on board. $430.00

Sandy de Kock, Café Culture. Collage on photograph, acrylics and inks. $300

Rita Jean Dibert, In Memorium, 2020. Archival pigment print on epsom signature paper. $850

Jenn Dickie, Time Lines. Mixed media. NFS

Andrea du Chatenier,  Word Stack (Apokatastasis). Raku fired ceramic. $400

Matt Dutton, Milly, Josh & Hamish. Acrylic on canvasNFS

Tejomani Earl, No Reference Point. Acrylic and paper on board. NFS

Vanessa Wairata Edwards, Parekawakawa. Monoprint 1/1. NFS

Danny Farrell, Barrelling Around. Mixed media. $500

Christine Mary Fowler, Surface. Oil on stretched canvas. $700

Rachael Garland, Arorereteni (After Rosetti:Study for The Daydream). Oil and charcoal on canvas. NFS

Jacob Wallace Gay,  Humanoid. Hangman mixed media.  $800

Toni George, Girl with Piggy Portrait. Oil on canvas. NFS

Brianna Gregg, The Deepest Cut. Photography. $120

Patrick Gregg, Return to the Forest. Acrylic on canvas. $800

Michael Haggie, Still Life: Vase of Tequila Sunrise Roses. Oil on canvas. $525

Debbie Hahn, Lenticular Study. Photomicrograph Objective lens 4 x Magnification of lenticular plastic. $250

Graham Hall, The Sixth Station of the Cross… Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus Woodcut. NFS

Diana Margaret Handley, La Mia Sirena. Photography. $99

Diane Harries, Experiencing Stitch. Artist book – mixed media, embroidery, calligraphy. NFS

Theo Hassan, Mayana Rices Island. Ballpoint pen on (discarded) paper. $1,500

 Hilary Hazell, Hope. Woodcut. $160

 Lesa Hepburn, Ghostnet – Jaring Hautu. Harakeke Raranga on canvas. $4,800

Adie Higginson, “Living Still” A Place to Meet. Wood: macrocarpa and elm (sustainably sourced). $7,500

Rose Hird, Cover Your Ears! Collograph. NFS

Craig M Hooker, Up in the Gorge, Whanganui River. Oil on canvas. NFS

Hamish Horsley, Converse (Maquette). Marble/limestone. $3,800

 Rosemary Hovey, Trapped in a World of Covid-19. Light at the end of the Tunnel? Wet felted wool with thread. NFS

Jutta Humpfer, A Glimpse into my Garden. Fabric collage. $280

Lynn Hurst,  Vanitas – Weta, Skink, and Beetle 2020. Giclee print. $3,125

Sweaney Jacks, The Fence Line. Acrylic and beeswax. $400

Delia Jarratt, Waiting for the Knight. Paper collage. NFS

 Jillian Karl, The Joining DNA Files 2021.  Gesso and pigment on marine ply . $8,000

Susan Helen Keates, Macrocosm Microcosm #1. Silver, copper, glass. $1,100

Jennifer Kenny, Consider – Whaiwhakaaro. Acrylic on canvas. $1,350

 James Knight, White Swan. Photograph. NFS

Talula Lamont, Warped Perspective. Mixed media. NFS

Catherine Macdonald, He Was Keeping Watch. Pencil Drawing. $600

Jamie Mackman, The Potters Wife. Oil on panel, earthenware. NFS

Zenica and Frederica Mann, Birth of a Mother. Acrylic and pencil on canvas. $450

Mike Marsh, Self Portrait (detail). Acrylic on board. $250

 Lindsay Irene Marsh, Emerging. Woodcut. $180

Cassidy May Martell, Little BoysCeramic. $300

Samantha Matthews, “A Taste of New Zealand” Cadbury Factory, Dunedin. Archival pigment print on Hahnemuhle photo rag (framed). Artist proof (edition of 12) $780

Timon John Maxey, Kawarau River. Acrylic on canvas. $425

Bridget McArthur, Breath (Feel Me, Squeeze Me). Mixed media. NFS

Alice McDonald, Impasse (tete-a-tete series #7). Ink on paper. $1,500

Fiona McGowan, Breath of Trees. Clay. $950

Bryn William McIntyre, Aoraki. Acrylic paint. P.O.A.

Naelene McKenzie, The Crying Kuia. Acrylic. $150

Bede McMenamin, Habetune. Acrylic paint/epoxy resin on MDF. $600

 Lee Morgan, Covered (covid) in the beginning! In the end? (dyptic). Pencil, gouache. NFS

Karen Morrison, Supper with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Mixed Media white stoneware, underglaze and wood. NFS

Oliver Morse, Artifact From 2021. Stoneware, underglaze pencil, mixed media. $900

 Gaynor Mulholland, Dobson Valley. Oil on board. NFS

Christina Murphy-Peehi, Ruapehu III. Monoprint printing ink, drypoint etching. NFS

Stephanie Te Awatea Murray, Ngutukura – Red Lips, Red Beak. Acrylic on canvas. NFS

Lola Murray Camden,  Girl With Pearls.  Oil on canvas.  NFS

 Kirk Alexander Fife Nicholls, Nusa. Recycled household plastic. $3,500

Alexzander Zacharias Felix Nightingale, One Thousand Lights of Passion. Sharpies/pen and borders in acrylic paint. NFS

Elizabeth Nitschke, Madonna. Mosaic. $850

Prakash Patel, Sea Cliff. Acrylic on canvas. $6,000

Tapirioterangi Pirikahu, He Poroporoake mo Chédon Dehar (Farewell for Chédon Dehar).  Acrylic and Graphite.  NFS

 Charlotte Poole, Queen’s Gambit – Covid 19: The Final Move, it’s all over. Mixed media. NFS

Graeme Poole, My Rindercella. Photograph.  NFS

Ming Ranginui, Baby on Board. Mixed media. NFS

Paul Rayner, Cow, Papaiti Road. Acrylic on card. NFS

Mark Rayner, Covid Scream. Ceramic. $400

Briarlee ReesBecoming (Mother, Father, Child). Digital painting. $175

Kate Regan, Intimacy of Silence. Digital photography. NFS

Ellie Reyland, Fairies Forest. Digital. $170 print only

David Rimmer, Mother With Extended Family ‘Marton Zone’ Whanganui, 20020′. Acrylic, ink, collage on board. $450

Brydee Rood, Everything Rises. Video Installation with sound. $4,444.44

Esther Rose, Possibilities. Mixed media, abstract collage. $1,200

Rick Rudd, Teapot. Earthenware. $725

Michael Russo, Totara Trekka. Wood.  NFS

Daniella Sasvari, Song of the Bamboo Forest. Mixed media. $400

Tsubaki Scythe, Shifting. Drypoint. $600

Mayumi Sherburn, in the midst of…  Mixed media. $650

Frances Sim-Higgins, The Last Rose of Summer. Watercolour.   $995

Carmen Simmonds, Balance. Cast glass, cotton. $2,000

John Francis Singleton, Autumn. Hand cast and decorated in underglazes. $120

 Catherine Sleyer, Everything in Proportion. Photographic inkjet print. $850

Duncan Smith, The Splendid Canvas of Life Stage Five: Deterioration. Mixed media. $4,950

Frances Stachl, Horoi ō ringaringa. Oxidised sterling silver. NFS

Hunter Standen, We Need Bees. Watercolour pencils. NFS

Levi Standon, Monster Family Portrait. Watercolour pencils. NFS

Dylan Thomas Stanford, The Symbol of Our Love, is Time. Acrylic and pen on card and paper. $175

Abby Joanna Stewart, Sissy & Mimi. Mixed media. $300

Rani Ella Stigsdottir, Spell Castings. Stg silver, rubies, saphires, opal. $1,000

M B Stoneman, Dragon. Arum monoprint, gold leaf. $1,400

Lee Sua, Kōanga. Harakeke – contemporary dyes traditional techniques. $2,600

Renata Szarvas, …and counting.…

Thread, calico. $480

Monique Taylor, Tell me no Secrets, Tell me Some Lies. Porcelain, gold lustre, resin, wire. NFS

Ahu Te Ua, E tū. Carved River Totora. NFS

Angela Tier, She doesn’t know how, but they found her! Ceramic. P.O.A

Ali Hale Tilley 2020:Papatūānuku – mother earth – awoke. Gouache on paper$1,200

 Jason Charles Todd, I AM. Oil/acrylic on canvas. NFS

Nicholas Toyne, Leave Me Out With the Waste. Cast Glass. $3,150

David Traub, Immune Surveillance. Hot formed glass components, fused and cold worked in powder coated steel frame. $2,500

Jai Tui, Desudansu. Mixed media$2,000

Arama James Tuka, Untitled.  Oil, multi media on canvasNFS

 Tom Turner, Chasing Rabbits. (episode 33) Video. $100

Erin Rose Tyler, Explore. Mixed media. NFS

 Bridget Kate Tyson, Flamingo. Pen and ink on paper. $280

 Ivan Vostinar, She’ll Be Right. Glazed stoneware. $3,000

Lorraine Webb, Ghost Ship 2020-21. Acrylic and graphite on canvas. NFS

Nancy Helen Welsh, The Forgotten Chair. Acrylic. $150

 Fleur Wickes, F W was here 2020. Ilford Phototrag, pencil, paint. $4,395

Kathryn Wightman, Temple on my Head. Glass PLA. NFS

Ross Wilson, A Pocket Full of Dreams. Mixed media. $4,000

Shayla Winchcombe,  Window to the Future. Acrylic. $700

Karen Louise Workman, Fractionated. Nuno felted, stitched. $840

Richard Wotton, Drugo, Whanganui 2021. Inkjet photograph. $600 (framed)

Freyja Aquila Elvie Wrigglesworth, Stop Yelling. Mixed media. NFS

Penni Wyse, Loose Tomato. Photographic collage. NFS

Masako Yamada, Nautilus. Soft pastel. $650